As en extension to her exhibit y2o_duality presented at the Montreal Arsenal, Dominique T Skoltz showcases the central piece of the installation, “Face to face”, an object of encounter and of interiority. She’s invited the male dancer of the y2o project, Jacques Poulin-Denis, to perform a solo situated between the outer and the inner, between the private and the public. His piece Punch Line (no.6) reveals a crack through which the secrets and confidences of the soul escape drop by drop.

“I’ll be up to date with the newest technologies. I’ll be aware of the most recent news. I’ll give to charities. I’ll be involved in my community. I’ll swear less. I’ll share more. I’ll help my neighbour. I’ll get in touch with my past selves, from my past lives, so as to make my current self, a better self…”