You are not stuck in traffic, you are traffic.

Every hour, radio gives us a traffic update, like a small prayer that highlights our obsession for road conditions, the rush hour and subway failures. But what about the human beings that are continually navigating this web of routes? What place do we give the bodies that run, walk, roll, and saunter? From the closed circuit commuter, to the devoted February cyclist, our comings and goings are the waltz that animates the city.

Waltz is a tribute to mobility. In the Place-des-Arts metro station, an oversized treadmill is the rolling stage where imagined stations and travellers succeed one another. Its rythme is synchronized to the trains and every departure offers a new and abstract look into our transportation culture.

About the project:

POSSIBLES is produced by LA SERRE – arts vivants. The project causes the encounter between art and citizen in the perspective of sustainable community development. Once a month throughout the year 2017, POSSIBLES will present the works of 12 artists from various art disciplines in collaboration with 12 creative partnerships in 12 unusual Montreal venues. The Objective: Provide a platform to up-and-coming artists by inviting them to create new POSSIBLES exploring 12 local issues that arose from discussions with the community. Tangente is proud to be part of this project and has invited artist Jacques Poulin-Denis to explore what is Possible.

" S'il vous plait, nous demandons aux voyageurs de ne pas retenir leurs pensées afin de ne pas retarder l'avenir. " Daniel Canty
Oui, je voudrais que le métro devienne assez grand pour qu’existent des stations abandonnées, assez beau pour qu’il y ait des stations nommées pour des femmes, des tribus perdues, pourquoi pas, des planètes encore inconnues. Daniel Canty