Every time I see someone suffering, I tell myself they are suffering instead of me. And I realize I am happy.

Hello. The following is a study on disintegration of all sorts, be it physical, psychological, emotional, ethical… Sorry. Please try again.

(Very) Gently Crumbling is a utopian, formal, graphic work. In this abstract setting, music and light fuse and strike the eye. I’m sorry. Four women dance amongst the ruins. I’m sorry. Four women are the ruins. The last beats of the breath that has driven us here. I’m sorry, that request is invalid.

(Very) Gently Crumbling is a study. An ordinary decline, neither sad nor joyous. A simple occurrence where each collision leaves its mark. Through the accumulation of these accidental traces, flung forth with urgency, there is one clear outcome. I’m sorry, that request is invalid. We waiver, we implode under inevitable wear, in the delusion of infinity. I’m sorry, that… We face the music. That request is invalid. Crack, crack and crack again. Your request cannot be processed at this time. And all of us. I’m sorry. We will find each other when time has run its course. Please try again.

What we have here is a black comedy, a cruel game show, and absurd scientific experiment. You've guessed it, what we have here is the human experience. Sylvain Vestricht, Local Gestures