I choose when the game is won, when the race is run. I say when the deal is done. I want the moon and the sun.

The economist Adam Smith wrote that “All money is a matter of belief.” Has the economy and its myste- rious patterns indeed become our modern source of spirituality? In this era where profit is prophet, have we allowed the financial psyche to proclaim itself God?

The Value of Things is an enquiry. It is a nebulous but familiar course that reveals the contradictions of our beliefs and ambitions. It questions the stable growth rate of our comfortable daily routine, our longing for guaranteed investment returns on the dividends of our personal relationships. It misleads the spectator on a voyage through vacuity and spectacle, guiding us on an existential reflection. Performing on live music by Francis d’Octobre, the protagonists explore what defines us, motivates us and moves us as human beings. The Value of Things confronts us to the choices and ethics that govern our lives, surrounded by millions of other lives.

The seriousness of the topic doesn't keep [ Jacques Poulin-Denis ] from tackling the subject with the humour we've come to expect from him. Frédérique Doyon, Le Devoir