Both sleepwalker and insomniac.

Dors is a four-dimensional portrait of night, sleep and the surreal logic of dreams. By dismantling the stage-audience relationship, the piece brings the audience and the performance closer together. In this unusual and vivid environment, spectators share the performance space directly with the artists, collectively alone in the belly of obscurity.

The piece shares a kinship with installation art and happenings. Its choreographic substance is malleable, based on a strong improvisational vocabulary that calls upon artist’s instincts. Since the artists that perform it are subject to change, the piece is reformulated at each manifestation.

Dors is inspired by all that evades us. Focusing on the subtlety of the senses, the piece highlights the details that border on the unseen. It begins at the meeting point of two distinct states: sleep and sleeplessness, silence and sound, movement and stillness, lightness and darkness. In this intriguing place, unique characters weave the itinerary of a voyage to the end of night. Filled with powerful intimacy, introspection, terror and wild imagination, Dors waltzes between dream and reality.

A man gives birth in loud screams. In the following scene, a collective reanimation through energy surges, an ultimate swell of survival. Welcome to the physical and psychological world of choreographer Jacques Poulin-Denis. Maude Cucchi, Le Droit