The show must go wrong…

Approximately every 27 years, planet Saturn returns to the original place it occupied in the cosmos on the day of our birth. It is said by astrologers that this momentary planetary alignment yields a powerful period of profound change in one’s life, a sometimes catastrophic transition. Such is the premise of this piece.

Target of God is a solo that speaks of delusion and defeat. The piece explores our human need to understand our reason for being, our path and our purpose. It dramatizes the moment when our resiliency becomes voluntary ignorance of a wrong course, that terrifying moment of grace when one is truly face to face with oneself.

With a humorous twist, the piece exposes the personal turmoil of an ingenuous and ill-fated antihero as he confides to the audience, a lamb fed to the wolves. Jacques Poulin-Denis probes into his interdisciplinary background to create an artistic blur that contains an overt and earnest story. He replaces the spectacular with raw sincerity, relying on the power of the human story to transport the audience.

It seems impossible that things could get worse – but skillful actor and storyteller, Poulin-Denis has the ability to […] extend the plot line of cosmic bad luck to outlandish proportions. Mary Theresa Kelly, The Dance Current